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Charman Cafe

Freelance Project: Interior Architecture, 2020
Shiraz, Iran;
Client: Fekrkade Complex

This project is a board game cafe located in Shiraz, Iran, and belongs to Fekrkade Complex.

According to the client's request to create differently designed spaces, and also including the artificial clouds from their previous branch and having a blossom tree in one of the spaces, the design process started.

Based on the plan's geometry, the space is divided into four zones, each representing one of the earth, water, air, and fire elements. Using these archetypes as the concept allowed the design to incorporate both the clouds and the tree in a meaningful way. Furthermore, based on the request of the client to include elements from traditional Persian Architecture, some of the motifs of Persian Architecture also have been used in the design, including the water pond and the fireplace, representing the other two elements. Moreover, the arrangements of the tables and sofas in zones 1 and 2 are derived from traditional Persian architectural plans.

Although all zones are quite similar, each has a slightly different design style and varied color palettes to create different sequences to experience. The floor covers also separate different zones from one another.

Eventually, the name of this branch, Charman, is also derived from the same concept. Char represents the number four in Persian, and Man means Home. Therefore, Charman symbolizes a home from all four elements of the universe.

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