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Photosynthesis Cafe

Freelance Project: Interior Architecture, 2021
Tehran, Iran;
Client: Fekrkade Complex

This project belongs to one of the branches of the Fekrkade Complex, located in the Elahie district in Tehran, Iran. Fekrkade is a chain board game cafe in Iran. Based on the client's request, the name of the branch is Photosynthesis. Accordingly, the design is focused on demonstrating this concept.


The bar's location was already determined based on the site's existing situation. To avoid any increase in costs and due to the limited budget, the south side of the plan is entirely allocated to the bar and kitchen area to provide enough space for a functional kitchen.

Furthermore, based on the client's request, a meeting table for approximately 15 people had to be situated in the plan for hosting big group games. Therefore, the plan's north side is allocated to this purpose.


The surrounding arrangement of sofas creates openness and centrality in the space. Also, the symmetrical arrangement in the middle of the plan emphasizes the Green Walls and the design concept. Green spaces are also used as partitions between different zones.

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