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Place of Religious Assembly

SADP Architecture Inc. 2023
Whitechurch Stouffville, ON, Canada,
Software: AutoCAD, Revit, Microsoft Excel

Located in Stouffville, Canada, the mosque designed by SADP Architecture Inc. is a synthesis of traditional Islamic architectural elements and contemporary design principles.

My Role

As a member of the SADP team, my primary responsibilities revolved around the digital representation and documentation of the project. My specific roles included:

  • Sectional Details: Produced 12 detailed architectural sections Using AutoCAD from the entire building.

  • 3D Modeling: Developed a comprehensive 3D model of the entire project, using Autodesk Revit.

  • Rendering: Created realistic visual representations of the mosque, allowing stakeholders a vivid glimpse into the finished project.

  • Construction Schedules: Formulated schedules to effectively compute wall areas, assisting in accurate project tracking and construction management using Revit.

  • Material Specifications: Compiled detailed material specifications and equipment for two commercial kitchens.

  • Detailed Interior Drawings: Developed detailed elevations and sections from the interior spaces such as commercial kitchens, washrooms, entrance area, etc.

  • Ornamental Design: Crafted detailed ornamental designs for doors and windows, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building.

All the documents, provided below, are my contributions to the project.

Project Gallery

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