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Residential Units

SADP Architecture Inc. 2023
Kitchener, ON, Canada
Software: AutoCAD, Photoshop

Project Overview: A residential redevelopment for SADP Architecture Inc., this project focuses on enhancing an existing structure of 11 attached units by adding three new ones. The additions comprise one unit to the left (Unit 14) and two adjacent units to the right (Units 12 & 13) of the existing row.

My Contribution: I played a pivotal role in developing this project by:

  1. Crafting detailed sections and elevations.

  2. Conducting thorough building code research, especially focusing on egress windows and stair calculations.

  3. Producing architectural illustrations to visualize the final outcome.

It's noteworthy to mention that, aside from the provided introductory documents (plans and site plans), all subsequent documents are designed and created by me.

All the documents, provided below, are my contributions to the project. with the exception of floor plan design.

Project Gallery

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