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Freelance Project, 2017
Kelarabad, Iran
Client: Arash Shahanaghi

An Architectural Analysis

Located near the Caspian Sea in Kelarabad, Mazandaran, this villa reflects the region's unique topography and climate. Its design is influenced by the adjacent dense forests, snow-covered mountains, and sea shores. The locale's altitude dictates a cold mountainous climate, transitioning to severe humidity in warmer months.

Form Finding Driven by the unique climatic challenges of heavy inclined rain, light, and humidity, the villa's design prioritizes climate adaptation.

  • Roof Design: The pitched roof slopes and sloped walls are tailored to mitigate the effects of the slanting rain. The elongated eastern slope with a sky light harnesses the welcoming sunlight.

  • Structural System: The villa's unique design integrates both vertical and inclined columns combined with rigidly-connected beams. A rigid frame design primarily provides resistance against lateral forces.

  • Layout: The villa's layout emphasizes both nature and recreation; Merged with the staircase, the Sunroom/Conservatory captures sunlight and warmth, aiding in passive solar heating and offering a serene ambiance in both floors.

Project Gallery

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