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Signature Suite

Interior Design Intensive,
P-Design Studio, Condo Suite, Toronto, 2021

Overview:As part of an intensive design course, I undertook an individual project to redesign a condo unit located in Toronto's vibrant heart. This endeavor was not merely an academic exercise but a deep dive into the world of personalized interior design, where I tailored the space to meet the unique requirements of a hypothetical client.

Objective:The challenge was to transform a standard condo unit into a bespoke living space that would resonate with the client's lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, ensuring every detail was meticulously crafted.

Design Process:

  1. Client Analysis: An in-depth exploration into the hypothetical client's lifestyle, preferences, and daily routines, forming the foundation for the design strategy.

  2. Creation of Briefs and Schedules: Comprehensive documentation detailing the project's scope, objectives, and timelines.

  3. Strategic Planning: Conceptualizing the design direction and creating multiple design alternatives to offer a range of choices.

  4. Furniture Plans and Coding: Drafting detailed layouts for furniture placement, complemented by a coding system for easy reference.

  5. Color Palette and Material Selection: Curating a harmonious blend of colors and materials to enhance the condo's ambiance.

  6. Mood Boards and Furniture Legends: Visual representations capturing the essence of the design, accompanied by legends detailing each furniture piece.

  7. Lighting Plan: A strategic layout to ensure optimal illumination, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

  8. Specifications and Supplier Selection: Detailed specifications for each design element, followed by a careful selection of suppliers to ensure quality and coherence.

Project Gallery

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